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Beautiful Landscape

Become a Transformational Healing Agent for The World.

This cathartic, activating and blissfully enlivening practice is our daily access point to touch the
Divine and truly access the
Genius of our Soul

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Practicing Pyramid Breath with Johann has brought me to tears and hysterical laughter, profound realizations and transformations that are difficult to put into words. A true experience of embodied alchemy that has ignited my creativity and courage to be the most 
expressed version of myself

SAH D'SIMONE | Yogi, Mystic, Artist

❝ This Practice helped me heal years worth of trauma and pain in a matter of minutes.

I've never felt so Alive, Empowered and

Connected to My Heart." - R.E.

The Pyramid Breath Method is an exceptional breathwork practice. I find it to be not only exceptionally powerful, amazingly healing for spiritual activation and even sexually enlivening, but one of the most fun breathwork practices I have ever done. It is super potent and uniquely designed by Johann, and I truly love it. It’s something that you can practice every day and get incredible results. I really trust Johann as a facilitator and as a leader. He’s innovative, has deep integrity and values. I truly love every single time I have an opportunity to work with him.

LAYLA MARTIN | World Renown Tantra Coach


Empower Yourself
Heal Yourself
Liberate The World

Learn and Integrate

 Learn the Secrets of Ancient Traditions Synthesized and Crafted for our Modern Age 

 Learn how to Activate and Harness Tantric Energies through Mystic Yogic Techniques 


 How to be a Truly Empowered, Embodied and Confident Leader, Practitioner and Teacher

 How to Regulate Our Autonomic Nervous System 

 Understanding the Breath and Body from a Scientific and Spiritual Perspective

 How to be a Capable and Compassionate Space Holder for People to Transform

 How to Activate and Hold Space for Sensual Energy

 How to Create and Hold Safe Containers

 How to Create Structure for Ritual Space

 How to Create Impactful Ambience and Musical backdrop to Facilitate Powerful State

 Change and Transformation 


 And much more!